‘For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish..’

These words from the wedding vows express the heart of the commitment a couple make to one another in Christian marriage. They mirror God’s commitment to us, to love and to cherish us come what may.

Our six churches are available for weddings all year round. Aubourn is perfect for an intimate event, seating just 30 guests. Bassingham, the largest of our churches, can accommodate well over a hundred guests. Each church has its own feel and style and residents in the United Parish can choose which of the churches feels best for them.

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The FAQ section provides answers to most questions you might have but please be in touch with us with specific queries.

Who can get married within Withamside United Parish?

If any of the following statements apply to you*, then you can get married in one of our churches.

  • Either of you live in the Withamside United Parish.
  • Either of you has ever lived in the Withamside United Parish for a six month period.
  • Any of your parents have ever lived in the Withamside United Parish for a six month period.
  • Your parents or grandparents got married at a church in the Withamside United Parish.
  • You or your parents are regular worshippers (more than 6 months) atone of the churches within the Withamside United Parish.
Calling of Banns

If you live in the Withamside Parish but are getting married in a different parish we need to publish your banns of marriage.

Remarriage after divorce

We would be pleased to discuss with you the possibility of having a wedding here if either or both of you has been married before. Please contact the Rector so we can meet for a chat.

How much will it cost?

The basic wedding costs (2021) are shown below. This includes the church, the minister, legal fees and administration costs.

Wedding Fees payable for any Church in parish

Publication of Banns £32
Marriage Service £480
Total cost of Church service £512

You can pay extra if you would like the following :

  1. Organist
  2. Church bells rung at the beginning or end of the service
  3. Licence for videoing the ceremony
  4. Flowers can be arranged by our own church flower guild

If either of you lives in a parish other than ours, then you will need to pay a legal fee of £46 to that church to have your Banns read in that church.

Please contact Jane Root our wedding administrator on 01522 788278 to discuss marrying in the United Parish or email her:

We will also be happy to send you our parish booklet about ‘Getting Married in Church’ which will hopefully answer many of your questions.

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