Who’s Who?

John Rowland

Lay Vice Chair for Withamside Parochial Church Council

Phone: 01522 788652

Email: layvicechair@withamsideparish.org.uk

Mrs Jane Root

Parish Administrator

Jane works patiently and diligently to keep us all organised and help us with the paperwork that even church life creates!  She takes the lead on helping those who are planning to marry in church.  She will  answer all your questions, help you choose a suitable time and date, help you with all the paperwork you need to complete and help you with organist, choir, bells, flowers.

Email: administrator@withamsideparish.org.uk

Phone:01522 788278

Sarah Hassnip

PCC Secretary

Email: pccsecretary@withamsideparish.org.uk

Penny Peach

Current Treasurer

Email: treasurer@withamsideparish.org.uk

Sarah Coulson

Parish Treasurer

Sarah is shadowing Penny and will take over as treasurer in April.

The Revd. Jeff Parr

Honorary Associate Priest

Jeff’s ministry is exercised both in his working life as a tax accountant and assisting in the United Parish.

Email: jparr@chesapeake.co.uk

Phone:01522 861863

Canon Robert Wright

Honorary Associate Priest

Robert is a retired priest and artist whose family has deep roots in the area.

Simon Baker

Praise and Pizza, Witham St Hughs

Phone: 07946 489994


The contacts for the six churches are as follows:


St Peter’s Church, Aubourn: Rosina Gough – 875328
St Michaels Church, Bassingham: John Rowland – 788652 &
Tony Davis – 789365
St Mary’s Church, Carlton le Moorland: Jennie Hodgkinson – 789195
St Peter’s Church, Norton Disney:  John Rowland – 788652
All Saints Church, Stapleford: Sandra Nelson – 788213
St Germaine’s Church, Thurlby: Tony Spray – 788325