Our mission is to build welcoming, worshipping and witnessing Christian communities to the glory of God.

Welcome is about our acceptance of each other and our gifts as we develop the ministry of our church communities and is also about our relationship with those who are outside the life of our church communities.

Worship is about each of us living each day to the glory of God and is, therefore, not only about church services.

Witness is the daily task of living in the light of our faith – supported by the love and prayers of one another.

Sunday 5th December: 10.30 am: Holy Communion: St Michael’s Church, Bassingham
Sunday 12th December: 10.30am: Holy Communion: St Michael’s Church, Bassingham
Sunday 19th December: 9.30am: Holy Communion: St Peter’s Church, Norton Disney
Sunday 19th December: 10.30am: Holy Communion:St Michael’s Church, Bassingham
Friday 24th December: 11pm:  MIDNIGHT MASS : St Michael’s Church, Bassingham
Saturday 25th December: 9.30am: CHRISTMAS DAY: Holy Communion, St Germain’s Church, Thurlby
Sunday 26th December: 10.30: Holy Communion: All Saints Church, Stapleford