2022 is here! I think that the most fervent wish for most of us is that it is better than the last two years have been. None of us have managed to live the life we wish for and even if we have not lost a loved one, we have all lost a lot. We lost our freedom, our chance to go to the theatre, cinema, restaurant, or pub when we felt like it. Many of those having those establishments also lost their income and in some cases their livelihoods. We have become obsessed with our health for obvious reasons and harbour insecurities. We recognise that children have missed out on their education, but some have benefited from spending time with their families. So, life has not all been gloom and doom for us, but I bet when we look back those are the bits that come to mind first. What we need at this time is a person we can turn to for support and comfort. Someone we can tell our woes too but also have a laugh with and share the happy moments. My faith means that I have that person in God. He does all those things and is always there for me. Those without a faith can use someone with a faith to be an intermediary and that works well too. Others will have a good friend they can call on to fulfil the role for them. Life without laughter and friends is not the full life we all deserve and need. My new year’s wish for us all, is to find this person to offload to and to be that person for others. If you are making resolutions for this new year that would be quite a good one. Probably better than the one about joining a gym and then never having the time to use it or going on a diet but realising that you can’t stick to it because now you can, you want to go out for meals with your family and friends. I will happily drop those two new year resolutions. I wish you all a very happy and full new year.

God Bless

Maureen Kendall