What a month this is going to be. As I write there are activities being organised in every town and village to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s platinum jubilee. It looks like we can all have a wonderful time at any number of parties and events. It is always special to all come together to celebrate. We excel in community gatherings. The Queen’s term of office is well worth celebrating. Not many of us would choose to work until we die or even work until we are 96 years of age. She has dedicated her life to the service of others. When you look around the world there are very few leaders as Kings, Queens or Presidents who come anywhere near her for dedication to the nation. She bases her reign on sound Christian beliefs. She has a strong faith which she often mentions and always displays. Jesus had a life of service to others and although his ministry was only 3 years instead of the 70 years of The Queen, he certainly packed a punch in those short years. His ethos was that we should all serve others rather than be served. He didn’t respond well to people when they gave him lip service, but were not caring to their countrymen. But as it is reported in the Bible, Jesus did appear to enjoy a good party or get together. He would be here celebrating with us. When we attend the street parties and picnics, and all the local happenings, there will be a whole army of people serving us, either by providing food and drink, arranging to transport less able residents or organising the logistics of making it all happen. In the national events, there is even more behind the scenes activity. None of these people will ask for recognition or thanks, but just get the jobs done. We should be proud not only of our wonderful Queen but also, of our own ability to help others quietly and unselfishly, to have an enjoyable time.

Celebrate well.

God Bless.

Maureen Kendall