Tomorrow I am planning on going with my daughter and her crazy dog for a romp on the beach. We will then go on to Mablethorpe and join the children in the arcade and play the 2p slot machines. When we have finished getting excited if we win 2p back or complaining when we nearly win, we will find a chip shop. It all sounds very simple and non-exciting, but I can guarantee that we will have the time of our lives. There are lots of similar things that we can do that gives us great joy and happiness but on the surface look to be nothing out of the ordinary. In this area we have many interesting walks that we can go on with friends and with or without a dog. Sometimes it is the company that makes it special. Sitting on a park bench with someone just chatting can really lift you up. Going somewhere beautiful, wild, peaceful, or even just different can speak to your emotions. These encounters are what keeps us going in our daily lives. I am not saying that a big expensive gesture isn’t good, but I am saying we shouldn’t feel dejected by not having them. One of the things I like in the Bible is the stories of Jesus enjoying ordinary times with people. A particular favourite is Jesus on the beach with a fire lit cooking fish over the flames, waiting for the disciples to return from fishing. He then goes on to cook the fish for them as they all sit around chatting and eating breakfast on the beach. (John21) To me that sounds like quite a special but simple time. When I meet up with my daughter for our romp on the beach, I very much doubt that we will come across Jesus cooking a fish breakfast for us, but It will still be special and I will imagine Jesus and his disciples doing the same.

This month’s book choice is The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

God Bless

Maureen Kendall