June is a lovely month, there are so many things to do and see. First of all, June is the start of summer, which means longer days, warmer weather and more sunshine. I enjoy waking up to the sunshining through my window, I think it encourages me to get up quicker. June is also a good month for picnics. I love picnics, although I often don’t get beyond the planning stage. Another favourite pastime for me is sitting in the garden reading, and now we have a helpful young man who cuts the grass for us, I can do so with a clear conscience.  June is the month of festivals and celebrations. Where would we be without Wimbledon? I have spent many an afternoon in front of the television, just watching and cheering. Glastonbury is also an integral part of June. I have never been to Glastonbury, and I am sure I never will, but again I like to see it on television. I have been to a couple of concerts in Hyde Park and the atmosphere is astonishing as I imagine it is at Glastonbury. People often get married this month too, with the thought of more likelihood of good weather, and the longer hours of sunshine, making it more fun and reliable. Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding. Weddings were longer in those days, and the miracle took place on the third day of the wedding. Jesus was there with his mother and disciples. And horror of horrors, the wine ran out! A bride’s nightmare! Jesus’ mother told him to sort it. He declined saying the time wasn’t right. But you know what mothers are like, and she went on about it, so he gave in. He changed 3 large containers of water into wine, not just any wine but the best. Relief all round I would think. I have no idea what month this took part, but as there will be lots of weddings this month it seems a good time to look back on the start of Jesus’ ministry.

God Bless

Maureen Kendall