July and August really shout summer at me. In my memory as a child, during the school holidays, the sun shone every day, all day long. We were able to play outside from dawn to dusk with no problems. I think that maybe my memory is somewhat distorted, but I will stick with it. My birthday and wedding anniversary fall in July as does both my daughter and daughter-in-law birthdays. August has wedding anniversaries for both my son and daughter. As you can imagine July and August are busy but happy months. For my own birthday and anniversary, I like to drop hints in plenty of time, about what I would like as presents and how I would like to spend the day. My daughter is great at keeping presents a secret until the day, no matter how I try and prise it out of her. I even try and get her to tell her dad, as I can wheedle information out of him easier, but all to no avail. She also is an excellent present picker, unlike me and my lack of creativity in this area! If the sun shines, in the way I remember it though, all should be well. Holidays, birthdays, sunshine, warm weather, celebrations outside, fun and laughter, what’s not to like about these months? Some people believe that Christians don’t like laughing and enjoying themselves. They expect them to walk around with long solemn faces and look with horror at those having a lively, noisy time, laughing, and joking. Maybe there are some like that, but those I know, (and I know a fair few) enjoy a good belly laugh with the best of them. The bible shows Jesus and his disciples and followers all enjoying good times together and laughing and teasing each other. Although they went through some rough times together, I like to see that they also had good times. I did ask my daughter to tell me what my birthday present will be so that I could tell you all, but she only laughed. In the same way I won’t tell you what I have got her in case she reads this.

This month’s book is The People on Platform 5 by Clare Pooley.

God Bless

Maureen Kendall