When I have finished writing this, I am going to meet my daughter for a coffee and a chat, and I might be tempted by a slice of cake. Chatting and cake makes the world go round for me. At a push I could forgo the cake but not the chatting. There are various people and groups I meet up with but chat  is essential to them all. I have a group of friends I holiday with, and we get together to chat. We talk about our holidays past, present and future. We also talk through each other’s problems or fears, for themselves, and their families, and laughter is always in the background. Other groups may be for a specific reason and more focused and the conversation just related to that subject but even those start with tea or coffee. Its necessary to lubricate your throat for a good chat. When I meet my daughter and probably her crazy dog (I have told you about her previously) there will hardly be time to breathe as we chatter. So much to say and listen to. Hardly time to eat the cake. And again, there will be plenty of laughter, both at the dog’s antics and life in general.  Another meeting is a church service. Although a church service looks as though it is a meeting with no conversation, just the minister speaking, and the rest of us listening, this is not really the case. Before and after the service there is chatter with tea or coffee and biscuits (occasionally cake). Services are often referred to as fellowship as this is quite accurate. During the service there is conversation. This time between the individuals in the congregation and God. The whole service is us talking to God and knowing He is listening. Quite a bit of the service is taken from his written words in the bible and often an answer to a problem will suddenly pop into your head. To me this is God chatting to me, but you can call it what you like, the result is the same. This months book club read is Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. This also is about coffee and chat.

God Bless

Maureen Kendall